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Refer A Friend, Both Get $5 Off!
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P.A. that sews + M.D. that ships = SNIPS



Hi! My name is, you guessed it, Montana! By day, I am a licensed Physician Assistant, but by night, I am a sewing addict. During my rotations in PA school, I hated wearing the standard scrub caps so I decided to make my own. We are currently living in Detroit where my husband is finishing medical school. Our three pomeranians Floki, Freya, and Hela, are very good at quality checking every scrub cap that we make.

Together with the help of friends and family we are SNIPSxMontana. Dedicated to providing you with high quality, reusable, and comfortable scrub caps to make you look and feel like a unicorn, no matter what you're doing. Whether you are a doctor, nurse, medical assistant, dentist, hygienist, etc., we guarantee that our caps will keep your hair clean, safe, and secure, all day long.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us get this far. We appreciate your business and your patience! If you ever have any troubles or concerns with your scrub cap, send us an email at or directly chat with us here on the CONTACT US page.